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A plan, a cost

ipagoo pricing strives to set a fixed cost per month that allows you to use your accounts and cards without any limitation.

However, there are certain exceptions, such as if you make payments outside of the European Union or instruct many manual payments to other banks frequently every month.

Our monthly fixed costs are progressive, calculated by the number of accounts and cards you own.

For any further details about costs in ipagoo, please have a look at our Table of fees.

For more information, please check our Terms of Use.

Everyday usageOpening a single account with a single card will only cost you £5/€6 per month. This basic service is already full of useful features, especially those that protect you against fraud and keep you in control of your finances. Check our page of Products to find out more. Help your communityThe greatest benefit for ipagoo clients is when they use ipagoo to interact with other ipagoo users and enjoy free instant payments regardless of borders or currency. Invite your friends and family members to join ipagoo, especially if you send to, or receive payments from them. For the ExpatsYou can open accounts in the country you come from and the one in which you now live, enjoying unlimited real-time transfers for free and saying goodbye to money remitters and their associated costs: no matter how cheap they are, they cannot beat our free international transfers. For instance, two accounts and one card will cost you only £7.5/€9 per month. International lifestyleipagoo helps you to open as many accounts as you need, in three different currencies: GBP, EUR and USD. For instance, for three accounts and one card you will pay £10/€12 per month. You will enjoy transfers among your accounts for free and switch account whenever you need to pay in another currency. This will help you to save money on currency exchange fees.

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