Security is taken very seriously at ipagoo. We use state of the art technology to defend our systems from cyber attacks and subject our systems to periodic intrusion tests which we review meticulously. We also maintain a strict separation of roles and functions within ipagoo, following strict protocols to update our systems and to ensure your data is kept protected at all times.

Security also includes protection from fraud. We have developed various unique features devoted to keep fraudsters at bay and only you in control of your money. For instance, you will enjoy the ability to approve those merchants that are allowed to charge your card when you do not enter your PIN or password during the transaction. Think of the subscription services for which you gave your card details and also those online merchants that store your card details so that you can buy simply with one-click. ipagoo detects the first transaction done with those merchants and rejects it for security while presenting you with the ability to approve them. Subsequent transactions can then be performed if you authorise them. At all times, you will have a list of all authorised merchants and what transactions and payments they have taken from your card. And at all times you will be able to disable them. Say goodbye to never ending repeat payments even when you have cancelled a subscription.

You will have the same level of security with your mobile app. Installation requires strong authentication. Even if you can install the app in various phones, that installation can only be enabled and disabled from the main phone that you declared during the onboarding procedure. Nothing is as easy as disabling the ipagoo app remotely, if your phone is lost or stolen.

Finally, ipagoo gives you the power to block your debit cards if they are lost or stolen, just by using your mobile app. You can even block the card for specific transactions such as ATM, POS or online purchases.

Keep your money safe

Another way we protect your money is by not using it to provide credit or investing it to obtain a return, as is the case with traditional banks.
ipagoo does not put your money at risk, making it available to you at all times with no restrictions.