Our Values And Commitments


ipagoo is unique, no other service provider offers anything similar

ipagoo delivers great value, as it solves real problems

ipagoo has been created with the fundamental principles of transparency, honesty and respect for each of our customers

ipagoo was created with the intention of making our client´s lives easier by delivering services that offer immense value and convenience. We, like you, have been subjected to the complex and pointless bureaucracy of traditional banks and have also been left frustrated and in despair, so we perfectly understand these problems: we do not want to take revenge on our clients by applying this same senselessness. For that reason we have designed our services from scratch, one by one, seeking the maximum simplicity and transparency. If we have not always achieved this, we expect your feedback so that we understand what could be done better. We will listen to you.

We have also decided to go against the common trend of offering everything for free, as in reality, building a company with its technology and salaries does have a cost and either you pay for the service you receive or we will have to add traps and tricks to make you pay anyway, which we think is dishonest. We are normal people and think you are too, so we prefer to be transparent and charge for the service you receive with nothing hidden.

We have decided not to invest much in marketing and sales, so that we can focus on delivering a great service. This decision will also help us to reduce costs. While we grow, the low cost will allow us to reduce the fees we charge you. For this reason, we are counting on your satisfaction to promote ipagoo and help other customers to discover it.

The more we grow, the more cost efficient we become for you.

1.We will never lie to you. If our services do not help or are not suitable for you we will not try to convince you otherwise. 2. We will always strive to deliver great value to you by offering the best possible service; we will never become complacent whilst telling you otherwise. 3. We will always charge you a fair fee for our services. That doesn't mean that we are always cheaper than other banks for each service but, overall, you will get a fair price for the great value we will deliver to you. 4.We will treat you as a normal person, not as a fool, happy to receive a free service and not caring how we make money behind your back. 5.We will aim to reduce the cost of our services and we will make sure you enjoy the reduction without having to ask for it. On occasion that will happen without you even noticing. The more clients ipagoo has, the more we will be able to reduce our costs; we will pass the advantages to all our clients so that you can benefit from the price reductions. 6.We treat all our customers equally, you will always have the best possible tariff available and no other client will pay less than you for the same service. 7.We will never charge you any hidden or unexpected fees. Our pricing is transparent and our services are designed to prevent any unwanted surprises. 8.If you stop using our service without telling us and the monthly fees we charge produce an overdraft, we will simply stop charging you and leave you in peace. We will never try to harass you by initiating a legal battle to recover costs or add interest charges. Your accounts will remain available for you to reactivate at any time. We strive to deliver freedom and simplicity; we want to make your life easier, not more complicated or stressful. 9. We will never treat you with contempt or with a patronising attitude, no matter how complex or simple your financial needs may be. We don´t think that all services suit all clients and for that reason we will never judge you. So, do not hesitate to ask us how to better use our services. 10. When you call us you will speak to an employee of ipagoo, and often a member of the ipagoo management team will serve you without you realising; we are very interested in understanding our client’s problems so that we can make our services even better. 11. If you call us, we will seek to resolve the issue there and then, we will not pass you to another department and force you to repeat your story again and again.

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